* Unnatural Ways' cd release, We Aliens, is available thru the Tzadik website and a myriad of other internet sources. Feat. Ava Mendoza- guitar /Tim Dahl- bass / Sam Ospovat- drums. It's not available digitally, but there are track previews here on soundcloud

"direct, dark and complex avant rock contaminated by other forms such as free improvisation, urban and warped blues, neurotic punk shrapnel... a tense, nervous, powerful music with a really, really massive and genuinely exciting sound. Fast-paced, hectic and elegantly wild" -NeuGuitars

* Feature in Premier Guitar magazine, Ava Mendoza: From Trad to Rad

* Solo LP split with Sir Richard Bishop, Ivory Tower, available on German label Unrock
Available HERE in the US
and HERE in Europe

“The thunderous fuzzy freeform tracks on Ava Mendoza’s side of Ivory Tower make a well paired contrast with Bishop, utilising the guitar as an outright noise producer before nimbly segueing into a fiery version of Mendoza’s own vocal blues tune “Shadowtrapping,” and eventually into the swinging fuzz jazz instrumental 'Kiss of Fire'.” -The Wire

* Here's Unnatural Ways live at The Stone in NY as part of my week-long November residency there:

* And here's a solo set I played at Muchmore's in Brooklyn a few months ago: